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Thank you for hanging with LRNB Radio for another week of Summer 17! Can you believe it’s almost Fall season? You might want us to crank up the R&B heat while we can so keep it locked for a mini concert by Janet Jackson at 8pm and then join in on the conversation at 844-258-8762 about tonight’s #OHSOREALScenario:

Been with girlfriend for 2 years and all they do is constantly argue.  Johnnie felt something was wrong because Lori kept accusing him of cheating, so one night he checked her phone and saw she was still texting her ex-boyfriend. In the text she called Johnnie stupid and was clearly still intimate with her ex. Johnnie confronted Lori but she stormed out and never returned to their apartment. Two weeks later Johnny found out Lori wrote a letter to his boss at work spreading lies that he was stealing credit card information to sell, trying to get him fired. Johnnie wants to know, would he be wrong to throw all of her belongings away since she hasn’t returned home?

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