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Happy Labor Day Lovers! Welcome to another week of LRNB Radio. Tonight we’ve got music the Queen Bey for the mini concert so stay tuned if you’re ready for Beyonce! Of course we’re ready to hear from you at 844-258-8762 with your thoughts on tonight’s #OHSOREALScenario:

Kellie and Jason are 6 months into their new relationship and things have been developing rather fast. Jason has a 13 year old with his ex who he hasn’t been with in 7 years, but it shocked Kellie to learn that Jason’s ex and his mother are still close and visit each other often. Kellie told Jason it’s weird that his ex still wants to be so close with his mother and he agreed, but said he can’t control how his mother interacts with the mother of his child. Kellie is wondering, is it possible Jason’s ex is still in love with him since she’s always up under Jason’s mother? 


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