Maybe it was coincidence, but after 33-year-old Makeva Jenkins boasted on Facebook about her financial success, she was killed shortly afterwards by a man who broke into her home.

The man, 19-year-old Joevan Joseph was arrested Saturday in connection with the fatal shooting Jenkins. Joseph has been charged with first-degree murder in the June 29 killing.

He claimed he “didn’t do it” as he was escorted in handcuffs from Palm Beach County jail to a police cruiser. On Sunday, a judge denied him bond, according to the Palm Beach Post.

Back story:

Makeva Jenkins founded The Prime Enterprise Group which was dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and small business owners. In her last Facebook post, she said she was in “awe of how far” she’s come in her life and career. Between Midnight and 1am (on June 29 of this year) she also bragged about how she overcame homelessness to making six figures in two years.

“No matter what the road looked like,” Jenkins wrote. “I followed my heart and stuck with it growing my business.”

“Anyone can do it,” she concluded in her post. “It takes determination and consistency.”

According to news reports, around 2am, a masked intruder entered Jenkins’ upscale Lake Worth, Florida home where a fight broke out between the two before Jenkins was fatally shot, authorities said. The suspect then fled the home in one of the family’s cars. Jenkins was taken to the hospital where she died from her wounds.

Jenkin’s husband, brother and two young kids were in the home at the time, her grandmother told the Palm Beach Post, adding that her oldest child was with her father in Tampa.

Authorities have not released details about a possible motive for her death, but her family believes her social media posts displaying her success may have made her a target.

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