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man pulls gun in Walmart in Royal Palm Beach

Source: Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office / Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office

The hypocrisy of “Karens” and their husbands continues to shine through, considering many are quick to call the police yet they won’t wear a mask for safety against the coronavirus.

One Florida man pulled a whole gun on someone at a Walmart in Royal Palm Beach, reportedly over a face mask argument. According to CBS12, the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office has identified the man who allegedly pulled the gun while pushing an elderly man in a wheelchair. The whole incident occurred in front of a kid on Sunday.

According to the sheriff’s office, the man without a mask pulled the firearm from his waist band and aimed it at the customer. Investigators even reported that the man with the weapon told the customer, who was wearing a mask, that “He would kill him.”

Images from the sheriff’s office appear to show a young girl tugging at the mask-wearer’s hand as if trying to get him to leave the situation. After the altercation, the mask-less guy left the store with the elderly person in the wheelchair. They left the scene in a white Chevy Equinox.


The investigation of the incident is still ongoing and the sheriff’s office said on Wednesday that the suspect is cooperating with the investigation. Once the investigation is completed, detectives will file with the State Attorney’s Office, according to the sheriff’s office spokesperson.

“You can’t feel safe anymore,” one shopper, Melissa Albrecht, expressed outside the Royal Palm Beach Walmart. She says altercation over masks seem to be increasing. “People coughing, spitting on people’s faces, it’s just not fair,” said Albrecht.

Other videos have gone viral of “Karens” or “Karen’s husband” having a tantrum over safety rules for COVID-19. One clip, which was posted to Twitter back in May, shows a mask-less man in Walmart who appears to be yelling at customers because he’s not following guidelines. “That’s what they want you to do. Go stay in your house, go lay down and die,” he yells in the clip. The user who posted the clip captioned it, “Karen’s husband having a ‘moment’ at Walmart. It’s way too early for this sh*t.”


“You can’t tell people nothing these days,” explained another Royal Palm Beach Walmart shopper Martin Santoyo. “If you wear your mask, okay, that’s for your safety. If you don’t want to wear one, don’t worry about other people.”

Meanwhile, Walmart has announced that all customers are now required to wear masks at every store nationwide.


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