The Reset:Town Hall

Source: Ion Digital / Reagan



Dallas, Texas) – July 21st, 2020 – (KZMJ-FM) will host a “Voting Virtual Town Hall” on Sunday, July 26th, 2020 at 6pm on 97.9 The Beat’s Facebook page in order to discuss the importance of voting, the impact of the recent Covid-19 surge in Texas, and the expectations for the upcoming academic school year.

Urban One, Inc. has a responsibility to its listeners to address issues that affect their daily lives. Urban One Inc.’s 97.9 The Beat prides itself in being a voice for the African American community in Dallas/Fort Worth and its surrounding cities. 97.9 The Beat will provide a platform to its listeners to create a discussion with community and civic leaders to stress the importance of voting and its significant impact on the Dallas/Fort Worth community.

Sunday’s panelists will include Congressman Marc Veasey, U.S. Representative for the 33rd Congressional District of Texas, Friendship West’s Pastor, Dr. Frederick Haynes III, Councilman Casey Thomas of District 3, and Michelle Williams, Executive Director of the Dallas Entrepreneurial Center at Redbird.

The “Voting Virtual Town Hall” discussion will be moderated by 97.9 The Beat Community Affairs Director and On-Air Personality Jamie “Jazze Radio-Chica” Maxie via Facebook Live. 97.9 The Beat General Manager, Tami Honesty expressed, “We are more than a radio station that entertains and plays the hits. We are responsible for the communities in which we live, serve and raise our families. It’s time to use our platform to listen and be an outlet of education, hope and action.”