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Aren’t you glad you opened your eyes on this chilly but wonderful Sunday!! If you need another reason to reflect on it all tune into LRNB until midnight. Coming up at 8pm we’ll get into some CLASSIC R&B tunes followed by some grown folk convo. All that’s asked is that you to call 844-258-8762 with your advice on this #OHSOREALScenario:

Christine and Melvin have always put on a big Christmas show at their house over the last 12 years. They went all out with thousands of lightsand displays and so do all of the neighbors on their street. With changes to the economy and Melvin retiring, she and Melvin agreed earlier this year they couldn’t afford to do a big display this year. But when she got home from work on Friday Melvin had put up all the displays and said they can find a way to pay for the high light bill. Christine is upset that Melvin went against their agreement and thinks he’s just trying to keep up with the Jones’. She wants to know would she be wrong to return Melvin’s Christmas gift since he’s forcing her to cover a high light bill that he cannot afford to pay?


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