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Christmas is right around the corner and for some families having multiple gifts underneath the tree just isn’t a reality. Sophia Reed had to relocate her family to an apartment in Oklahoma City. According to BET, she used all of her Christmas money for that.


Her family still wanted to do something special for her to make her Christmas something she would never forget. Reed said, “What little Christmas money we had, you know, to pay my security deposit for here.” Her 13-year-old son Diauris wanted to raise money and buy his mother a gift.

He kept a secret from her and one day she realized he was missing and called the police. Her daughter said, “I was afraid he was going to get in trouble. I was very afraid he was going to get in trouble. I just didn’t want to say anything because it would blow the whole thing.” He had went to collect cans to buy her a present. Diauris said, “I just wanted to do something for my mama.”

The police found Diauris and he told them what had been going on which inspired other officers to help the family. After Diauris got home several officers knocked on his door and brought gifts. They also raised $800 for the family. Sophia said, “They caught us at the right time and we are so grateful.” We are so happy for this family!

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