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Tonight’s episode of Love and Hip-Hop New York zeros in more on Anais’ marriage drama. We start with Anais and Jonathan kicking it in her backyard over a fire pit (she hates being at home, but she’s there because her husband is working late). Jonathan fills her in on all the drama with Trent but then her husband, Ruben, walks in, of course. He greets Jonathan and Anais tells him to be gone. She really isn’t happy to see him. But it’s his house too so he sits down and asks Anais where she has been because she hasn’t been home in a minute. Jonathan says he’s surprised to see them this icy toward each other because he remembers them being all warm, fuzzy and soft and pink. Hopefully, they’re not putting on for cameras.


Anyway, later on, Ruben confronts Anais alone as she is on her way out, and wants to know what’s up with her behavior lately. She is wild disrespectful to him and not interested in keeping peace nor is she remorseful for cheating on him. She tells him that he’s not taking care of her the way he should even though it’s not clear what she means by this. He tells her she needs to stay home. She says she will not be his, “Dominican hick b–ch staying home all day with rollers in her hair!”


He threatens divorce, she still doesn’t care and goes wherever she was planning to go (probably to see RIch Dollaz) in the first place. She really just needs to give him that divorce though.

Safaree reveals to Snoop, Jaquae, and Self that he and Dreamdoll aren’t on good terms. Basically, she shared a post on social media for #NationalBoyfriendDay of another man. Safaree’s theory is that she’s mad at him for working with MariahLynn and DJ Self rightfully side-eyes him for mixing business with pleasure in the first place. Later on, Safaree confronts Dreamdoll to see what’s up with them. It’s what we know it is and they’re done. Later on, Safaree asks Juju to hang out with him–it’s platonic but we know Safaree can’t help himself around a pretty face.


Basically, what they have in common is that they both broke off long-term relationships. Safaree was with Nicki Minaj for 12 years before they split, and Juju’s recent split with Cam’ron ended after 15 years. Juju isn’t with the games so she side-eye’s Safaree’s ask, but she agrees to go with him where he wants to take her because he says it helped him heal his heart. They would be cute together though if Safaree could get his ish together. That man falls in love with everybody.


DJ Self links up with MariahLynn to discuss the situation with Dreamdoll and the fact that she fights way too much. Mariah Lynn places blame on Dreamdoll for starting with her. DJ Self says it’s hard to believe her since she’s always involved in brawls (she actually did swing on Dreamdoll first, you know, running across the picnic table) and never owns up to her part in anything. Mariah Lynn gets defensive. She says she’s tired of him defending Dreamdoll and not her. Self wants Mariahlynn to figure out why she’s always the common denominator in drama. Mariah Lynn says the next time self doesn’t have her back he’s done. They both make sense. Mariah Lynn does need to tone it down, but at the same time, she should also get a better manager and not a vanity manager for reality TV.


Now we’re at Snoop’s party for her sneaker with Patrick Ewing. She has Safaree, Jaquae, Mariahlynn, etc performing that night. You know this is more about the impending drama than it will be the actual performances. After the performances, Mariahlynn and Safaree step to the side to talk. She wants to know if he’s serious about collaborating with her. He says he’s serious but he heard what happened with Dreamdoll and doesn’t want to be down with the drama. Bri is watching this entire conversation and unceremoniously inserts herself their conversation demanding to know what’s going on with them. She tells Safaree that she and Dream don’t mess with Mariahlynn. It gets heated, Bri throws a drink, security guards intervene (but not before Mariahlynn throws a drink back), and Mariahlynn apologizes to Snoop. Snoop tells her to get it together, especially since she had a good performance. This time might actually not be her fault though.

Now we’re at the episode’s conclusion. Jonathan, Anais, and Rich Dollaz are at some event. Jonathan lectures Anais about sleeping with Rich because of his rep. Anais says she’s happy. Plus, Rich said he had her back when it came down to her husband finally finding out about them. And then, Ruben walks in just as Anais and Rich are standing next to each other, and it’s about to be awkward af. Ruben looks like he don’t play, and like he might have a machete in his back pocket, but we have to wait until next week to find out how it all goes down.



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