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D.L. got to talk to who he calls one of his favorite politicians right now New York Mayor Bill De Blasio. He won re-election in the city for his second term.

Before jumping into politics, Hughley had to share the pain in sometime being married to a Black woman.

“I’m like, ‘only bad things are coming from me commenting on that,” expressed De Blasio.

Being elected for a second term in the city means as a politician you’re doing something right. Hughley wanted to know what De Blasio did to get re-elected.

“I think there’s something very big going on and changing in this city,” explained De Blasio. “But I think it’s starting to change in the country too. People want boldness and they do not want half measures anymore. For example, when I ran I said, ‘we have something broken in the way we were policing this city.’”

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