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White Conservative Evangelicals who’ve preached the messages of morality and character have now switched their tune and have started to defend Donald Trump in sleeping with the female entertainer Stormy Daniels while married.

Roland Martin talks with Rev. Dr. William Barber about the contradictory message of these pastors and about the #freedantesharp.

“We’ve always had false prophets as far back as Moses against the false prophets of Pharaoh. The slave master religion did the same thing,” explained Barber. “They preached all of this morality and told the slaves to act right while they were doing everything they could to do wrong. Including keeping people in slavery. This so called white evangelical is not even a Christian term.”

Barber continued to break down all the ways in which the false term “white evangelical” has led the church in the wrong direction. “The bottom line if you know the history. If you know this is the gospel agreed not the gospel of Christ, it has deep roots in racism,” informed Barber.

The #freedantesharp has blown up on social media and explains the story of Dante Sharp whose been wrongfully convicted of rape.

“Dante has been in jail for over 20 years for a crime he did not do. He was convicted of murder in Pick county.  The Duke Innocent Project, the case was led by a white women have done all the work and have found that this brother is innocent,” expressed Barber.

He continued, “The lead detective has recanted and said we have accused and convicted the wrong person. The major witness has recanted and said she was coerced to do it at the young age of 15.”

Barber pleads with everyone to get the word out about Dante Sharp’s story so that he can be freed.



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