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Singer Ciara recently posted to her Instagram a clip of a sermon from pastor John Gray explaining that if women want to be married, they have to stop acting like a girlfriend and start acting like a wife. Ciara captioned the video “Level Up. #DontSettle” which made a lot of women mad.

Jacque Reid goes Inside Her Story with pastor John Gray to better understand the context of his sermon.

“My first thought was context is always key. The challenge with social media is that you cannot get the full context of any message. A 50 minute message from a 58 second clip,” explained Gray.

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However, Gray wanted to make sure that the premise of that clip and his message were properly understood.

“The premise is that you carry yourself with a level of integrity and with a level of strength and with a level of grace that says, ‘I actually don’t need to be found, to be validated,” expressed Gray.  “A women who is confident in who she is, she’s connected to God, she’s connected to her source so she doesn’t need validation from a man, she’s got it from God. ”



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