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Michigan state Rep. Cynthia Johnson faces disciplinary action over a recent Facebook post where she urged her constituents to do “things right and in order” while warning Trump supporters to tread lightly.

Jonson went viral after she grilled Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani during a bizarre House hearing over the baseless voter fraud claims in Michigan.

On Wednesday Johnson shared a press release on Facebook that included a joint statement from Speaker of the House Lee Chatfield and Speaker-elect Jason Wentworth, confirming her removal from committee assignments.

“Threats to either Democrats or Republicans are unacceptable and un-American. They’re even more unbecoming of an elected official. Rep. Johnson has been removed from her committee assignments and we are looking into further disciplinary action as the proper authorities conduct their own investigation,” the statement reads.


The actions were the result of conservative efforts to muzzle Johnson after she condemned the racist and misogynist threats against her over her outspokenness. On social media, Johnson has been labeled a “leftist,” a “domestic terrorist” and much worse.

“First I want to say thank you to everybody who is supporting our efforts, and when I say ‘our efforts,’ I’m talking about doing things right and in order,” she said in a Tuesday Facebook Live. “There’s a good way to do it and a f—-d up way to do it. Always provide proof, nobody cares what your mouth is saying. Provide proof.”

Johnson also shared audio messages where she faced threats of lynching and was told her personal information would be made public as a means of intimidation. Johnson said one of her attackers was contacted by the FBI.

She also warned Trump supporters to “be careful, walk lightly. We ain’t playing with you.”

“Enough of the shenanigans,” Johnson continued. “Enough is enough. And for those of you who are soldiers, you know how to do it. Do it right. Be in order. Make them pay,” she said by hitting them in their “pockets”

On Wednesday she posted another video asking her “soldiers” of Christ, misogyny, and against racism, to “rise.”

Johnson speaking out was a result of the Michigan House Oversight Committee where Giuliani used racist and erratic witnesses who claimed election fraud took place, specifically during the absentee ballot counting process at the TCF Center in Detroit. Trump supporters stormed the center during the election demanding that workers stop the vote.

Johnson went viral after she questioned the witnesses and Giuliani over what she felt was an attack on her constituents. She also argued that the witnesses should have to be sworn under oath. During the hearing, her colleagues repeatedly said she was out of order.

As we know Black women are routinely policed, especially when it comes to questioning figures of authority.


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