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Singer Ne-Yo is back on the music scene with a fresh new album that highlights how much he’s grown as a man in this life and where his priorities and responsibilities are.

“Yes, yes, yes, Good Man. The name of the album is Good Man. It’s the title track off of the album,” explained Ne-Yo. “Man I’m grown now. I wasn’t before.  I can honestly say that I was not. Mentally.”

That holds a lot of weight when someone says and means that about their life. So naturally you want to know why now.

“I’m in a different head space now man. Just my priorities have changed. At one point you know chasing women around and bottles in clubs and all of that stuff. And trying to prove to the world how much money you got. That was important at one point in my life and now it’s not,” expressed Ne-Yo. “Now it’s about making sure my kids are straight. Making sure my wife is happy. Making sure I’m setting a good example for my sons.”

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