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The album that introduced the world to the beautiful soul, Erykah Badu, turned 21 yesterday! Baduizm gave us On &On, Apple Tree, Certainly, Otherside of the Game and my favorite, Next Lifetime (I was in that situation at the time… don’t judge me. lol)

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Here is what she posted yesterday on her instagram:

Yesterday Baduizm turnt 21.. acting too grown. This video OTHER SIDE OF THE GAME staring Andre 3000 was the 3rd single off the album and 3rd video I directed . It was done with a single camera in one take. I just choreographed the blocking. I love making one long single shot videos. (I.e.: window seat ) I was pregnant with our son 7 In this clip. He turns 21 this year. Later that same year , 1997, I directed a video with Outkast , DRE and @therealbigboi , featuring @ceelogreen from Goodie Mob, called IN Due TIME. My second album, LIVE, came out that same year on NOV. 18 , same EXACT date I had my first home birth with Seven Sirius Benjamin. I toured the entire year up until one week before his birth. This song was produced by me and @questlove along with tracking by @theroots. Mr. @jamespoyser wrote the music to this song as I sat next to him on the Piano stool. I couldn't read music so I had to keep saying , "that's not the chord it's bluer than that.. or that chord to sinister for this .. . Lol " That was the day we met in Philly. Our first musical date . We've been musically inseparable since then. I was living with Quest for a few weeks then. Time flys. I'm grateful . Wouldn't change one thing. I learned a lot. Still evolving. FAM , I thank you for your support. Cherish each day. – badu repost: @pachangapapi

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