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As we all know, we are in a moment of crisis. Civil liberties are being threatened and every month a new destructive policy is being passed. Therefore,  it’s crucial to put the power in our hands, which is the goal of the Black Census Project. According to the website, “It’s been 153 years since more than 200,000 Black people were asked to talk about what’s important to us. This is our time.”

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The Black Census Project is product of Black Futures Lab, which was created by Black Lives Matter co-founder Alicia Garza. The activist recently told CASSIUS, “I think that too often Black people are spoken about and spoken for but rarely spoken to. I think that part of what we’re trying to do with the Black Census Project is talk to a whole lot of Black folks so that we can really represent the breadth of what Black folks are experiencing from the mouths of Black people.”

The Black Census Project is the first large survey focusing on Black people in the U.S. in over 150 years. The project will capture a range of issues affecting Black people with surveys that will cover healthcare, police violence, racism, politics and more.

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The Black Census Project hopes to complete 200,000 surveys before August 1 with the data revealed at the end of the year.  In-person surveys will begin in March and 100 Black organizers will be trained across 20 states to knock on doors and survey.  However, online census forms are available online now. Garza told CASSIUS, “We really want to be able to project how the Black community is very complex, nuanced, and diverse. The 20 states we’re visiting have the highest concentrations of Black immigrants, Black people who have been incarcerated, Black queer people, and Black people living in rural areas. We want to reach folks that might not be on the Internet, they may not want to put their information on the Internet, we want to make sure that they’re represented as well.”

If you would like to be a part of the Black Census Project, click here.


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