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Living beyond the age of 100 is a huge accomplishment and record setting in many ways. You often wonder what does it take to make that happen. What if someone told you that running and taking shots of Hennessy could make you live pass 100? Would you do it?

Jacque Reid goes Inside Her Story with Ms. Ida Keeling, a 102-year old woman who goes running and takes a shot of Hennessy for her health everyday!

Daughter Dr. Shelly Keeling was the one who encouraged Ms. Keeling to run after she fell into depression from the death of her sons. She was certain that her mom could start running at the age of 67.

“No it never ever occurred to me. I never felt that mommy could not do it,” expressed Dr. Keeling.

Ms. Keeling is very adamant about pulling herself back up every time she falls. It’s the attitude that keeps her running.

“The last run that I took was to challenge my fear not to break the world record because it’s not like a how you fall but the way you rise,” expressed Ms. Keeling. “And anything that I go through that is difficult for me, I’m always looking for a way out like I’m getting away from this, I’m getting out of this and I’m pulling myself up and that’s how I rise.”

Ms. Keeling takes a shot of Hennessey every day like a champ and we want to know what it does for her.

“People talk about the Hennessy like Im putting a straw in it. It’s not like that,” laughed Ms. Keeling. “I had poor circulation that’s why they gave it to me.”

Find out more about Ms. Keeling and her story by reading her book Can’t Nothing Bring Me Down: Chasing Myself In The Race Against Time.



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