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Community Heroes: an in-depth series on the lives and impact of people giving back to our global communities.

Alex Rias

Age: 28

Place of Residence: Queens, N.Y.

Why he is a Community Hero: As the Executive Director of the Black, Latino and Asian Caucus of the New York City Council, Rias serves as a bridge between city council members and the 4.8 people of color the caucus represents across New York’s five boroughs.

Alex Rias has been serving in his position as the Executive Director of the Black, Latino and Asian Caucus a little under two years, with a collegiate career that groomed him for the important task of representing people of color in the melting pot that is New York.

“What I do is I collectivize the issues that are most important to communities of color, and elevate them to the point that our caucus can fight to push them forward,” explained Rias.

“The caucus began as a result of a shift in the City Council where the council was expanded from the thirty-something seats to now 51,” added Rias. “And that change is a result of a whole legal fight [for] more equitable representation is what was necessary, and the courts mandated that a change needed to happen.”

Rias’ job is a weighty task, but as he shared details about his daily activities with infectious enthusiasm, citizens can rest assured that the State University of New York graduate is going to bat for them every day.

“Being a part of what actively changes the culture of this city and the stature of the city, every day is a proud moment in that regard,” Rias shared.

For more information about the Caucus and its 27 members, please visit the New York City Council webpage.


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