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When acts of violence are committed against someone the hope is that justice will be served because of the system of law we have in place. But what happens when the justice system fails you after being shot in the chest and left to die.

Diona Clark was shot twice in the chest by her ex-boyfriend and left for dead. 13 years later her ex-boyfriend is going on trial not for attempted murder charges, but for something completely different in the state of Ohio.

“He’s actually facing kidnapping charges,” explained Clark. “The department told me that the assault charges, the statue of limitation have already run its time so therefore they couldn’t do anything with the assault charges.”

House Representative Bernadine Kent was able to do her own research into Clark’s incident and found charges of kidnapping that allowed the case to be open.

“With my initial interview with my detective after I was released from the hospital, they told me that the state would pick up the charges. And being that it was my first time being shot and having any dealing with the police, I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know proper protocol and so time just went on and nothing ever happened.”

Clark started an organization called Liv Out Loud that helps women in situations of domestic violence. Through the organization, she’s been able to help women and herself heal.

“I’m at peace knowing that the work that I do is helping others. I see the unfairness in it but knowing that what I’ve done has created and paved the way for other women, other survivors, other victims to be able to not live in fear, shame and not be embarrassed when it comes to domestic violence.”



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