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Michigan Governor Bill Synder announced that the state would shut down the water bottle program in Flint, Michigan and churches and organizations in the area in are preparing to be overwhelmed by a surge of people looking for help.

NBC reports that Gov. Synder announced the change on April 6 after, “strides have been made to reverse the high levels of lead that were found in the water supply.”

Residents however say otherwise. “The country thinks that the water is fine,” explained Bill Quarles a deacon at, First Trinity Missionary Baptist Church. “But the residents and the city of Flint do not trust what’s being said”

Four years ago, citizens of the city of Flint, Michigan fell victim to lead poisoning in the water system that caused health issues and resulted in deaths.

For the last two years, the cities water has tested below the federal limit NBC for copper and lead according to state officials.

“We have worked diligently to restore the water quality and the scientific data now proves the water system is stable and the need for bottled water has ended,” Snyder said in a statement. He added that tax payers gave $350 million to the city in addition to $100 million from the federal government.

Synder switches the focus to growing the cities, education and health programs. Many citizens are not in favor of this new move by the governor with many fearing that the water is still tainted.

“My water stinks. It still burns to take a shower,” said Flint resident Melissa Mays. “There’s no way they can say it’s safe.”



(Source: NBC)

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