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While the president was busy tweeting that recently revealed government notes proves his innocence, one key aspect of James Comey’s leaked memos seemed to fly under the radar: the former FBI director’s feelings about key Black folks in Barack Obama’s administration, including the 44th president himself.

Comey characterized the nature of Obama’s relationship with then-U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder – also known as the first Black person to ever hold that esteemed post – as a “mistake.” In fact, Comey apparently didn’t like how “close” they were because “in my view,  [it was] a mistake Presidents make over and over again,” he wrote. He cited past attorneys general as his proof.

But what Comey failed to realize was the historic nature of Obama and Holder being in such prominent positions introduced a brand new dynamic in Washington; one that established a new precedent that clearly Beltway Insiders like Comey was not used to. The way White people react to Black people being in traditionally “White spaces” has been well documented, and it’s a safe bet that Comey penned that particular memo under that [subconscious?] premise.

But Comey didn’t save his judgment for the only president. He also questioned the intelligence of Holder’s successor, Loretta Lynch, falling right in line with the millions of other powerful White men who have throughout history taken turns disparaging Black women instead of celebrating their accomplishments.

“I thought AG Holder was smarter and more sophisticated and smoother than AG Lynch,” Comey wrote.

The memos, which Comey kept after meetings with Donald Trump, were first reported months ago before the Justice Department declassified them on Thursday. Their contents were made public shortly afterward and came just days after Holder announced that he was considering running for president.

As they say, there is no such thing as bad publicity. Comey, conveniently, just happens to be on tour promoting his memoirs called “A Higher Loyalty,”a book with a title that is seemingly a trolling play on Trump’s reported demand of “loyalty” from him. That demand that was clearly rebuffed and led to Comey’s abrupt firing nearly one year ago, sparking the investigation into possible collusion with Russian.

Through it all, somehow Comey has emerged as a bastion moral and ethics. Lest we forget he still led an organization that was responsible for numerous programs that assailed the Black community. That fact should not be forgotten.


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