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The members of the Divine 9 came together to take a few pics and represent for the brothers and sorors who aren’t on the ship. We’re not exactly sure why so many Ques are on board – we suspect they chartered their own purple plane and met up somewhere but if you know anything about the Ques you know they showed out. Of course, our fearless leader Tom Joyner is a Que, so that could explain why they seem to be dominating the ship.

Let’s not forget the Tyler Perry casting call that’s gone on this week. 250 applicants tried out this week for one slot in a Tyler Perry production and Tyler himself was on board for the Anita Baker concert. Because he’s Tyler Perry, he saw the Anita Baker show, got off in Jamaica and then got back on in Cozumel to choose the winner. Applicants lined up daily outside of the Thrill Theater to showcase their best acting skills, regardless of experience.

On to Celebrity Charades hosted by Andra Fuller of Black Jesus and Black and Sexy TV fame and Myra J. Fuller had everyone (well almost everyone stumped with Entourage but a few sharp eyes did get it. Charades not your thing? Then you have a choice of chefs including crunk star Mia X who’s moved into cooking and demo’ed some great meals during the cruise.

As the night is still young, you’ve got options but for those holding tonight’s tickets, you’d better get ready for the Lalah Hathaway/Babyface show. Their vibe fits right into the Black With a Pop Of Color scheme where once again folks showed out with as many variations that you can imagine.

Pop of Color: Red Lipstick

If you think Lalah and Babyface are an amazing combination, you would be right. If that was the only concert on board, it would have made it worthwhile. Lalah is one of those artists that damn near sounds exactly like her records, if not better and well, Babyface.

He told the audience he turned 60 this years, but his kind of talent is ageless. He performed all your faves – and there are a lot of then, and before his show was over, he ran out into the crowd and sang from all levels. Oh, and Tom Joyner became his hype man for a second, getting onstage and paying him respect. Gotta love it when the greats acknowledge each other.

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