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All across the NFL, players protested by taking a knee, putting a fist up and some not even coming out during the National Anthem to protest against the president’s comments, support Colin Kaepernick and stand against police brutality.

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What do former NFL players think about President Trump’s remarks on the NFL and the protest? Roland Martin talks with Chester Pitts and Clinton Porter to find out.

Chester Pitts NFL owners  “If we pay attention to the message. Why did Colin Kaepernick take the knee? That’s where the focus has to be. We have to control the narrative. It never had anything to do with the flag. The real issue is police brutality and the racial inequality,” says Chester Pitts.

Clinton Porter joined in adding, “A lot of people don’t understand what the issue is.  They are saying we are disrespecting veterans. This has nothing to do with that. It’s about the treatment of the Black community and the disrespect to Colin Kaepernick. When you see them (players) come together, making a statement, it’s exciting. Players are finally standing up. You’re the product that goes onto the field you’re the reason why people watch football. It was great that everyone came together.”



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