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Why Cassie Will Never Leave Diddy

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The two have been dating for the past three years, but he has yet to claim her, and always makes himself available when there’s a better offer out there. Let’s see if you guys can keep up: He cheated on Misa with Kim, cheated on Kim with JLo, cheated on Kim with Cassie, cheated on Kim with Sarah, cheated on Sarah with Cassie n Kim, cheated on Cassie with Mischa Barton, Sienna Miller, Cameron Diaz and the list goes on and on.

Well I just got my hands on a juicy piece of information that may explain why Cassie stays with Diddy besides the obvious, I-have-no-talent-what-else-am-I-gonna-do-with-my-life:

There is a sex tape of Cassie and Diddy doing all type of weird masochistic stuff. And Diddy has been holding it against Cassie, and if she ever decides to leave him or find another man, he’ll release. He don’t care. But Cassie does because they said he did a lot of derogatory stuff to her in that video, and shes too “pretty” to be seen in that light. And if Diddy can’t have her, he’ll make sure no one wants her, and she will definitely not have a “career”. 3/4 weeks ago, When Cassie and Diddy and other people were at a party in LA, Diddy got drunk and Cassie said something that pissed him off, Then Diddy started hurling all kinds of degrading names at her, Cassie ran off crying. When people around Diddy asked what he was talking about, he let it all come out. So when and IF Cassie ever gets brave enough to leave him and stop being ONE of his many bottom bitches, expect that tape to “leak”.


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