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Tonight’s episode Basketball Wives picks up from the Jennifer spreading rumors about Evelyn to be spiteful saga. We’re still at Tammi’s “cleansing” where the rumor was brought up. Jennifer is trying to cover herself by trying to make it look like she just casually heard the rumor but never said where she heard it. Shaunie is obviously irritated and expresses that she wishes Jennifer would own her ish, but look who we’re dealing with. Accountability might not ever come. Jennifer even tries to deflect from her transgressions by saying that Tami is just trying to start drama anyway, which is actually true. But let Tami tell it, she’s just trying to be positive and work on herself.


Shaunie and Evelyn step away to talk alone. Evelyn makes a tearful plea claiming that she didn’t do this. Shaunie is really considering cutting everyone off and doesn’t know who to trust. Evelyn seems genuine in that she didn’t do it and it seems like Shaunie believes her. They both also feel like Tami did this to start some mess and Shaunie sums it up well: “There’s some evil ass people in this circle, and from now on I will deal with them accordingly.”

Shaunie meets up with Tami to get her side of the story because she really feels like Tami did this to be messy. Tami was being messy but she does have receipts, in the form of text messages, that shows that Jennifer was trying to take Evelyn down.

Shaunie meets back up with Evelyn on another day and by this time Shaunie has spoken to her ex. The ex in question also denies sleeping with Evelyn (they probably can’t say the ex’s name for legal reasons). Shaunie then explains the texts Tami showed her. All of this happened with Jennifer and Evelyn were in the middle of their falling out. Again, Jennifer heard the rumor and presented it to as many people as possible hoping that someone would tell Shaunie. But, the women who heard it aka Jackie and Malaysia just kept it to themselves because they didn’t want to be messy, for once, because they realized the gravity of how hurtful the rumor would be to Evelyn and Shaunie. Evelyn says she understands Jennifer’s anger and that she’s more upset at Tami for entertaining it. Shaunie says Jennifer never should have never repeated it to anyone in the first place. Both women are making valid points here, but of course, Shaunie wants to bring the group together again to “get to the bottom of things.” You know how she do…


Now it’s time for another group ponderosa. By this point, Jennifer realizes that she should just come clean and apologizes to Shaunie because “it wasn’t her intention” to hurt her. Shaunie accepts Jennifer’s apology but she’s still cool on Jen because what she did was so malicious that “now she knows that type of evil is inside her” and she doesn’t even really want to be around Jen anymore. Dramatic much? Let’s not act like this show hasn’t thrived on Mean Girl, narcissistic behavior. Shaunie must have thought she was untouchable from the shadiness with that producer credit.

Not with these narcissists clamoring for reality TV infamy.


Jen still doesn’t really seem to think that what she did was that wrong despite apologizing, but she did admit that she repeated it to Tami, etc with the intentions of taking Evelyn down. One of the text messages actually said, “Let’s take that bitch down.” But Tami is still getting the side eye for her “cleansing” so she attempts to try to make herself look better by claiming it’s not fair to make her look like she’s trifling too because he had the best of intentions, was trying to be a friend, yatta yatta. This is classic nice nasty church lady bs. You know, the people who are always talking about self-improvement and being positive but do the most negative things. Evelyn is superheated and calls Tami out on her BS, saying that if she was a real friend then she wouldn’t have organized that setup. They go back and forth for a bit and then Tami makes the ultimate low blow. She says that Evelyn lied on Chad, “because she was hitting him too,” and tried to ruin his life. Basically, Tami is trying to frame Evelyn someone who destroyed an “innocent” man’s career. Way to work on yourself, Tami!


Even Shaunie is “appalled” by Trash Tam. But Shaunie likes to feign surprise. Tami has been this way since she began appearing on the show. Whatevs. Good TV, I guess. This is trash though. However, it does confirm Evelyn’s theory that Tami was being vindictive and evil the entire time.

Basketball Wolves.

Back at it next week.


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