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In 2013, the Tom Joyner Morning Show has brought tears to folks’ eyes, endless laughter to both their listeners and guests, and all-around great entertainment.

There are so many different options to choose from but here are our favorite moments of the year below.

Perri “Pebbles” Reid might have allegedly taken advantage of TLC back in the day but she was no match for Sybil Wilkes and J. Anthony Brown. Listen to this epic interview here.

If you thought Pebbles’ interview was entertaining, check out her daughter Ashley Reid‘s interview here.

Not all interviews are entertaining, some are awkward! And the most awkward interview of the year goes to….find out here

Just a week after George Zimmerman was acquitted of her son’s murder, Sybrina Fulton joined the TJMS to talk about the trial and the legacy of her late son. Listen to the powerful interview here.

Kordell Stewart gave the TJMS the quote of the year when he said, “When I gave my wife this six and a half, seven carat yellow diamond ring, I wasn’t gay”. Find out what else he had to say here.

Jacque Reid went “Inside Her Story” with attorney Jason Smith, his client Melissa Cooper sued her fiancée after he cancelled their wedding . Cooper won the case and walked away with $50,000! But the case wasn’t what was so great about the treat, it’s what MADEA a.k.a. Tyler Perry had to say about it. Get your laugh on here.

After fitness guru Shaun T announced he was gay and married his longtime partner, the first people he talked to about his big day were  the TJMS crew. Check it out here.

We honor mothers every Thursday on the TJMS. One of the most memorable of the year was awarded to a mother whose daughter became the valedictorian of her high school despite being homeless with her family. Read more about this touching story here.

Don Lemon joined the TJMS as a commentator in late 2013 but in that short time he has had no shortage of controversial commentaries. Here is one of the best so far.

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