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When Bishop Noel Jones called into the show to promote “”Preachers of L.A.” he had no idea it would turn into a royal rumble between him and Sybil Wilkes. We think round 1 went to Sybil, make your own decision after you listen here.

What’s a mother to do when her daughter is illegally kidnapped by her ex-husband and taken to Africa? She reaches out to Jacque Reid for help, read more here.

Every Wednesday is Christmas on the Tom Joyner Morning Show, that’s 52 Wednesdays in 2013, here is one of our favorite wishes granted here.

Saturday Night Live comedian Jay Pharoah had the TJMS crew cracking up with his impersonations of Kanye West, Jay- Z, Denzel Washington and Stephen A. Smith. Listen here.

What happens when you insinuate that black men are scum bags? Find out here.

Remember Charles Ramsey the Cleveland kidnapping hero? We awarded him the “Real Fathers, Real Men” winner this year. Check it out here.

The first time Eddie Murphy was ever on the Tom Joyner Morning Show  was in 2013, that must count for something! Listen here.

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