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We all know that if Black Lives Matter protesters block a single road or highway for half an hour, enthusiastic Klan-maid Candace Owens would be OK with cops violating all manner of their civil liberties while carting the activists off to jail. In that scenario, the protesters are domestic terrorists, and no matter how much excessive force is used by the cops, they’re just soldiers doing their patriotic duty.

If a convoy of illegal immigrants attempts crossing the southern border, Owens would have no issue with them being thrown in the U.S. version of concentration camps because they’re invaders putting their children at risk and trying to take over our precious country.

Auntie Ruckus has downplayed the Capitol riot on numerous occasions and blasted Democrats for their treatment of those charged with crimes, and she’s even gone as far as comparing the party’s actions to that of Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany.

Candace Owens loves Hitler comparisons.

To be more specific, Candace Owens loves Hitler comparisons that don’t come close to matching the current issue she’s contrasting them to. She also loves destructive and intrusive protesters so long as their beliefs align with hers.

So it should surprise no one who bathes daily and protects their edges that Owens is throwing her support behind Canada’s “Freedom Convoy,” which sounds like Canada’s own charter of the Justice League but is actually just a mob of anti-vaxxers who occupied downtown Ottawa for more than three weeks and used big rigs, barbecues, and bouncy castles to create a blockade that backed up traffic for weeks all in protest of vaccine mandates.

Since the MAGA-Canada rebellion was mostly quelled Friday after the convoy “pushed the government to invoke never-before-used emergency powers,” according to Washington Post, Ottawa police have arrested more than 190 protesters, issued 389 charges, and towed nearly 80 vehicles that had formed the blockade.

And of course, Owens thinks the Canadian authorities are Nazis and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is Hitler, Joseph Stalin, and Fidel Castro all wrapped up in one non-dictator who hasn’t committed genocide or the extermination of hundreds of millions of people.


“They’re not allowing some of these people, the main leaders, out of prison and they’re really trumped-up charges that really mean absolutely nothing except you’ve messed with the state and now you’re going to face the consequences—something you might see, by the way, by somebody like, I don’t know, Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin…,” Owens told fellow sexy M&M and Minnie Mouse advocate Tucker Carlson.

So people who broke the law and endangered the streets of Ottawa for the better part of a month have been in jail for less than a week on what Owens calls “trumped-up charges” without citing evidence, and that’s comparable to the Holocaust and the Soviet Great Purge. Got it.

Owens’ ridiculousness doesn’t stop at her erroneous comparisons, she’s also called for the U.S. government to invade Canada based on them.

“STOP talking about Russia,” Owens tweeted Friday. “Send American troops to Canada to deal with the tyrannical reign of Justin Trudeau Castro. He has fundamentally declared himself dictator and is waging war on innocent Canadian protesters and those who have supported them financially.”

It’s funny how they’re always “innocent” protesters to the woman who “fundamentally” doesn’t understand what a “dictator” is if the pseudo-intellectualism of said protesters matches hers.

Owens is right about going after the finances of people and organizations that have supported the convoy occupation though. According to CNN, Canadian authorities froze bank accounts associated with financial supporters of the convoy. And while that may seem like an overreach, it should be considered that Canada is a sovereign nation that can handle an invasion of its capital how it chooses. And since the U.S. is only known for imposing its will against nations run by Muslims and brown people, it’s not likely Owens’ invasion request will be paid much attention to.

If only we could pay such little attention to her in general.


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