Is Tamar Braxton Calling It Quits On Music?


Tamar Braxton who will be singing on the Fantastic Voyage has been in the media lately over news that she won’t be performing or making music anymore.

So we wanted to know if it was true and if so why?

“I just have to step away from it for a moment and get things into perspective and get my life back together.” she explained.

Her family life and music life have crossed over making things tough. “Music has been the most strenuous because it’s my passion,” she said.

But don’t be too sad because she is releasing her new album called Bluebird Of Happiness that featured her hit song, My Man.

“I’m so excited that my new album is out. I’ve been waiting forever,” she exclaimed.

Her new CD  is being released on September 29, 2017,

Tom is so excited that Tamar is singing on the Fantastic voyage and Braxton replied, “We are going to get our everlasting life!”

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