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It’s been a rough week for right-wing propaganda ministries. On Monday, we reported that  Donald Trump‘s Truth Social app had put nearly 1.5 million users on an access waiting list because the platform for MAGA minions who think Google is a government conspiracy has been experiencing technical difficulties since its launch in February and no one seems to be able to figure out why. Now, DirecTV is set to drop One America News Network, which is basically the Walmart brand version of Fox News.

According to Bloomberg, DirecTV said it’s ditching OAN starting on Tuesday despite pressure from the “news” outlet and its supporters. Now, I know what y’all are thinking: “So, what’s everyone having for breakfast this morning and why is it Cornflakes in bowls of white tears?” But for people who desperately need a televised Klan rally alternative, this is serious.

From Bloomberg:

DirecTV, a joint venture between the private equity firm TPG Inc. and AT&T Inc., said in January that it planned to drop OAN, which was criticized for spreading misinformation about the pandemic and the 2020 election when its contract expires. OAN began airing on DirecTV in April 2017.

Of course, conservative outlets and talking heads have been trying to bully DirectTV into changing its mind. In March, Herring Networkswhich owns OAN (no pun intended, it’s just a stupid acronym) and A Wealth of Entertainment (AWE), which the satellite TV giant is also dropping—sued AT&T and DirecTV alleging there was a breach of contract and that “the economic consequences of losing carriage with DirecTV could be devastating to OAN.” 

The same month, Republican attorneys general in six states sent a letter to DirecTV whining that it was “highly troubling and disappointing” that the platform was bowing down to “powerful left-wing voices.”

Whaaah? GOP officials who claim to be against “big government” getting involved in the dealings of private business are pressuring a TV network to bend to the conservative will? You don’t say.

Anyway, the flood of righty-white tears does not appear to have successfully convinced DirectTV to reverse course on its decision, but fear not—the network said it will begin offering another conservative option for people who want Kid Rock and Ted Nugent to form a MAGAfied version of Silk Sonic. Fox Nation, which is Fox News’ subscription steaming app, will be available on DirectTV. 

Still, MAGAts and GOPropagandists are big mad that DirectTV, which basically means the network did something right. Kudos.


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