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Lizzo's Watch Out For The Big Grrls Watch Party

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Lizzo has been in a winning season over the last couple of months. The award-winning artist debuted her dance competition Watch out for the Big Grrrls on Amazon Prime in late March. She’s performing and hosting Saturday Night Live on April 16th, she just announced her upcoming album, Special, which will be released on July 15th, and she recently launched a shapewear brand, Yitty.

Between her new brand, the new music, and the new show, our girl Lizzo has been making her rounds in full-on promotion mode. She recently made a stop at SiriusXM’s The Morning Mash Up, where host Nicole Ryan asked for insight on the inspiration behind Yitty.

Nicole Ryan: Kim Kardashian’s or were you inspired by that type of thing? And you just wanted something for someone who has your body type or what, what was it before?

Lizzo: So, I mean, this shapewear line took five years. And so that was, that was before Kim’s line. You know, I was excited when it dropped, because I was like, that’s confirmation that I was right you guys. I was taking so many meetings with companies and they did not believe in my vision of shapewear. They were like, ‘well, nobody’s really doing shapewear. So you wanna do lingerie or…’ and I’m like, ‘no guys, listen. Shapewear is the future. And we need to revolutionize it.’ And Fabletics believed in me and it, this is five years in the making it took. Five years ago I had my first meeting and three years in development. So, before that I wasn’t wearing anything. I didn’t have… I stopped wearing bras. I stopped wearing panties for a while because I rebelled against like girdles and shapewear and corsets and stuff. And I had one bra that I love that I wore out so bad that it was ripped, but the design was so amazing. And I couldn’t find it anywhere else in that size or style and one thong. Well, not one thong….[Laughs]. I got a lot of thongs.



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