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On April 21, sultry R&B singer Jill Scott shut down a Twitter user who tried to compare her to Lizzo.

The online controversy started after a social media influencer named Charrise Lane (@CharriseJLane) attempted to draw comparisons between the “Golden” hitmaker’s “level of class” and Lizzo’s bold and carefree personality. 


“Your size isn’t the reason Men won’t date you. It’s the level of class you have. For instance, let’s compare Jill Scott to Lizzo. Men, which one would you date?” Lane wrote, tagging a split photo of Scott and the Grammy-award-winner exposing her bodacious backside as she entered a private jet.

As Twitter users began chiming in with their reactions to the tweet, Scott quickly shut down the discourse with a GIF of comedian Kevin Hart mouthing the words “STOP THAT.”

Social media reacts to the Jill Scott Vs. Lizzo “Class” Debate

The R&B singer’s response elicited a ton of mixed reactions online.

One Twitter user joked:

“Jill Scott said don’t put my name in nothing.”

While others praised the star for uplifting Lizzo by stopping the conversation.

“Ms. Jill, I love how you are forever lifting up your brother and sisters. I genuinely love you, never met you, but I still do,” wrote another person.

One male social media goer chimed in:

“So how long to we intend to strap black women with our own insecurities and our narrow-minded definitions of “class” and non-melanated standards of beauty. Leave Lizzo alone, leave Jill Scott alone, leave Brittany alone. Just stop!” 

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A women’s choice of attire and weight should not dictate their level of classiness or the worthiness of a man for that matter. While obvious, a Twitter user named @Mighty_Mozby broke it all the way down online.

“Jill Scott has imitated fellatio mid show because she can do whatever she wants as a grown up, just like Lizzo,” the tweet read. “There are plenty of elegant photos of Lizzo, post one of those. Don’t pit black women against each other.”


Charrise Lane, who appears to be a pro-Black Conservative YouTuber according to her Twitter bio, addressed the backlash after the heat settled.

“When I made that tweet, I did not expect it to blow up because I have conversations with my Twitter like this all the time. But the purpose of my tweet wasn’t to compare two black women and say, ‘oh, one is better than the other.’ The purpose of my tweet was to discuss how, and I was talking about plus-size women, it was to discuss how it’s okay to be plus-size. Men are not going to date you just because you’re plus-size like they’re not going to not date you just because you’re plus-sized. But they aren’t going to date you if you have a certain level of class. And it basically just depends on how you carry yourself,” she explained.

Lane continued:

“That’s basically what I was saying. So yeah, it blew up as you guys can see. And, again, the purpose of it wasn’t to tear black women down. It wasn’t to be a pick me. You know, that’s just the name that everyone has given me Pick Me, which I have come to accept.. But the purpose was to draw attention to how it matters in how you carry yourself. Now, I’m not saying that I’m a perfect person. I’m not a perfect person. I have made my mistakes. I even bump heads sometimes with my family members because they feel like I should dress a certain way that they deem respectful and sometimes I just dress different, you know, I still dress in a respectful manner, but not to the level that sometimes they agree on. So I’m not here to judge anyone. But at the same time, there’s a time and a place for everything. So when I compared Jill Scott to Lizzo, I was comparing how they carry themselves on the outside. When it comes to Lizzo, we all know that sometimes. She goes out with her bare butt out with her cheeks out, you know, and I don’t agree with that. Yes, it is her body. Yes, she can do what she wants to do with it. But at the same time, if you’re a celebrity, and you’re you’re supposed to be disciplined inspiration, especially two plus size women, it does matter in how you carry yourself especially if you have little black girls looking up to you…”

Listen to Lane’s full response above. Are you siding with her perspective or nah?

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