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If you follow Snoop Dogg on Instagram you never know what you’re going to see. One day he’s singing and the next he’s doing martial arts. Snoop says that he thinks of Instagram as his own little TV “network,” and he’s just living his “best life.”

The news of Snoops gospel album shocked quite a few people, but he told DL that it was just “natural progression.” He grew up in the church and says that his mother “raised me the right way and then I ended up going the wrong way,” but he never forgot where he came from. He says that he felt like the world needed a record about “peace and love,” and he had the right people around to be able to do it, so he decided to go for it.

Snoop has managed to stay relevant for decades and says that the secret is to remain “a student.” He also stresses the importance of helping the young people that are coming up and “praising them when they do right.” He says it’s all about adjusting and accepting where you are now.

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