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Power S5 Ep 7

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Power’s fifth season is winding down, but the tension is turning up! Tonight’s episode starts with Tariq watching the news story about Kanan’s massacre of four police officers, and his subsequent death. It’s too much for him to listen to so he cuts it off then hears his parents plus Tommy arguing. Ghost is pissed off with Tasha for her plan with Kanan in the first place. Tariq walks in and says it was his idea and is basically feeling himself, as usual. He tells them that he was the only person who cared for Kanan so he took a loss so they could win. James tells him to shut up and get his bags packed because he’s going back to school. Later on, Tariq only pretends to get on the train back to school. Instead, he goes to the Italians to resume trade for his drug dealing business at school.


But here’s the thing, now the cops are looking into Sean’s murder and they’re trying to see if Angela has been trying to help Kanan out with regard to this. Detective Rodriguez, Mak and Saxe think there might be something there to catch Angela but Tamika wants them to just let it go. But of course, Mak and Saxe aren’t going to do that! They press Teresi for more because what he gave them about James’s prison slaughter of the crooked cop doesn’t pan out due security cameras being down when that happened, something Teresi probably knew. Now they threaten Teresi by threatening to go after his friends in the Italian mafia, which would mean death for Teresi because they would obviously perceive him as a snitch. Mak and Saxe want to arrest Tommy by the end of the week.


Angela is back on the Jimenez case due to Diego’s murder. She wants them to take down Alicia again but her team isn’t really interested in playing with her. Instead, Mak and Saxe tell Proctor they want him to wear a wire next time he talks to St. Patrick. They threaten a federal indictment, which could impact his custody hearing so that’s obviously persuasive.

Tommy is still being foolish and trusting Teresi with everything. Meanwhile, Teresi’s best friend is tired of the feds on them and wants Teresi to hurry up and turn Tommy over. Teresi assures his friend that the info he has about Ghost and Tommy ordering the Sandoval hit will be enough to look them both up forever!


Angela convinces Dre to turn snitch for a deal and offers witness protection. He gives her tea on a drop happening between Alicia and Cristobal. Speaking of Alicia and Cristobal, let’s cut to that drop because it’s not just product getting dropped. They’re somewhere about to get it on until the FBI busts in and arrests them. That’s a win for Angela. She gets a celebration nod at work. But then gets down to business when she sneaks away and takes photos of some docs that implicate Teresi as the snitch. Basically, these photos were just left lying around. Something ain’t right with that, but mmkay. Anyway, she demands that Mak tells her who the snitch is and he gives up the info easily.

Mak and Saxe start harassing Teresi again and Teresi reveals that he was involved in the Sandoval hit because Ghost ordered it, then says Tommy had nothing to do with it and that he hasn’t given him anything incriminating. Basically, Teresi could care less about Ghost but he does have a sweet spot for his son. Unfortunately, his bestie walked in on his conversation and realizes that Teresi lied to him. Bestie confronts Teresi, but Tommy walks in and wants to know what’s going on. Teresi stabs his friend to death before he could blow up Teresi’s spot and blames his friend for being the snitch. Teresi and Tommy get rid of the body.


Angela finds Ghost and says they may all be in trouble due to Teresi being the snitch. Ghost is disturbed because he knew it all along. Now they have to figure out what Teresi knows and it’s up to Ghost make Tommy believe the truth.

Ghost finds Vinny and drops dime on Teresi. No we’re back with Proctor, who has decided to wear the wire for his meet up with Ghost. But check this, Proctor plays it off and writes a note on a napkin saying that he’s wearing a wire and shows it to Ghost before he goes into his convo about the Mike Sandoval murder. He tries to get Ghost to implicate Angela in that murder but Ghost refuses. Then when Proctor turns off his wire Ghost shakes Proctor down. He yolks him up and takes him to a railing (at Truth) and basically wants to know WTF! Proctor tells Ghost that the feds are all over him and want to get info to turn Angela against him. Ghost doesn’t kill Proctor, obvi, but Proctor says Angela needs to go. Proctor says he’s going to tell them he didn’t get anything from Ghost today, but the real question is, what is Angela going to tell them when they shake her down. Basically, Ghost needs to make the right decision and choose himself or he will be doing life.


Vinny tells Tommy that Teresi is the snitch. Tommy doesn’t want to believe it, of course, but Vinny shows him the proof without mentioning where he got it and you know what that means. Tommy is tasked with taking his father out. Tommy doesn’t want to but Vinny it’s an order form the Italian crime family. If Tommy doesn’t do it then he’s dead too.

Next Tommy takes Teresi on a ride. He reveals that he knows he’s the snitch. Teresi tries to play it off of course but then apologizes. Tommy drops him off at the hospital to go see Connie (who has taken a turn for the worse) and says they’ll finish this convo when he gets back.


So, Teresi pays her a visit and has a final conversation. Connie senses that Tommy knows. Teresi reveals that he’s not going to sell Tommy down the river, which gives her some peace but that’s not going to keep his psychopathic son from killing him. Teresi returns to the car, Tommy and Teresi get back to Teresi’s house. Teresi picks up a bag with money and a gun in it so Teresi thinks he’s just going to skip town. He does mention that he was going to drop dime on him at first but changed his mind. But Tommy has to do what he has to do so, he murders him anyway. Then he drives to his mother’s house in tears. He tells her she was right and that he killed his dad. She tells him he did the right thing and comforts him.

The episode concludes with Tamika calling Angie into an impromptu meeting. All the feds on her team are waiting for as she walks in and sees a board with all the photos connecting the dots. You guessed it, they’re charging her for conspiracy and they have proof. They found Teresi’s body and want to know who she told. They demand to know everything she has on St. Patrick or she’s going down with them.

So many things here. Why would Tommy be dumb enough to leave Teresi’s body somewhere it could actually be found! Also, Mak played her like a game of Spades. But it’s looking like she might be able to take Tommy down in exchange for an immunity. Angie wouldn’t rat on Ghost, would she?


How they gonna get out of this one?

There’s only one episode left for the season. See you next week.


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