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HBO Celebrates New Season Of 'Insecure' With Block Party In Inglewood

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Tonight’s episode of Insecure potentially ushers in a new beginning for Issa. I say potentially because you know she be backsliding dinamug. Anyway, Issa took the property manager job so we start the episode with her in her new apartment. Daniel helps her move in, of course, but he’s old news. Molly stops by to help Issa get rid of some of her old junk, including some mixtapes that Lawrence made. Issa struggles getting rid of some of her junk, but again, Molly helps her push forward. That’s a metaphor for the literal and figurative growth that needs to happen.


This is where the change starts to manifest. Issa runs into Nathan again while on her lunch break. Remember his foine self? We all knew he’d be back! Anyway, he startles Issa and causes her to drop her taco, which leads to the two of them killing some time as they wait for another round of food, Nate’s treat, of course. In other words, it’s a microdate! We learn that Nathan is a barber from Houston who is still cynical about LA, so this is a great opportunity for Issa to show him some things about her city. They engage in truth or dare and generally hit it off so well that Issa calls out sick for the rest of the day. Nate and Issa subsequently indulge in a game of truth or dare where they learn more about each other.


They end up at Issa’s old home, in a now gentrified neighborhood and decide to skinny dip in the pool on a dare (they dare each other). Their time in the pool gets cut short when the owners figure out what’s up. They get away unscathed, head back to pick up the food they ordered and go back to Issa’s place, which is nearby anyway, to microwave it.

The chemistry is real. And you know they end up kissing. It doesn’t go any further than that though when Issa’s property manager job comes calling in the form of an obnoxious little boy requesting a favor for his mother.

In the end, Issa’s date with Nate inspires her to quit We Got Yall. This is the beginning of something fly…hopefully.


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