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Now known as inmate number NN7687, Bill Cosby has officially been transferred to a maximum security prison where he will spend between 3 to 10 years behind bars. While some think he’s destined to get that time, Cosby is pursuing an official appeal of the charge and is hoping to possibly lesson it.

Sentence Announced In Bill Cosby Trial

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Someone else who’s not too unfamiliar with prison has spoken out about Cosby’s upcoming imprisonment and it’s none other than Orenthal James Simpson. In an interview with TMZ, OJ came out and made a statement about Cosby saying that he would be a target if he were to be put in a state prison.

In his own words, OJ thinks that if Cosby is put into a normal max security prison that he’ll be a target. He says it only takes “one nut” to potentially hurt Cosby. Simpson who did 9 years in a Nevada prison for kidnapping and robbery says that rapists are looked down upon in prison, and says that if Cosby is put in a typical prison he’ll need around the clock care because of how other prisoners may feel about his crimes.

OJ suggests that Cosby be given house arrest instead, saying that he believes the judge/court is being too hard on Cosby and should take his age (81) into consideration.

We don’t think OJ really has any room to talk here considering his messy past and previous run ins with the law but what do you think about Cosby’s charge, is it just right or should the court take it easy on the old man?


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