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DL Hughley Serious

As you may have heard, Mexican-American comedian George Lopez has been in little bit of hot water lately for throwing a woman out of his show, who objected to what has been considered – out of context – as a racially motivated joke. While social media set Lopez afire, the woman at the center of the controversy says she wasn’t offended.

The woman, Alexis, who identifies as Black and Mexican, declined to share her full name, but she came on the D.L. Hughley Show to set things straight, after Hughley, who attended the same show, defended Lopez, who has regularly toured with Black comedians. The two comics are currently performing on The Get Down tour.

On if Lopez owes her an apology:

As far as people thinking that he owes me an apology – nah, I wasn’t offended.

On if she’s still a fan:

I would still go see his show. I don’t think he’s a sexist or a racist!

On the backlash:

All of this backlash in unnecessary – get you some business!

 The segment ended with Hughley joking “I’m glad she called and cleared the air, now George Lopez won’t be deported!

Listen to the entire interview below:

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