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What in the edges is going on here?!  I about had a fit when I heard that Eco Styler Gel could contain an ingredient that causes cancer!  So I’ve set out to find out the truth and thank God I did!

I don’t know about you but the labels on most products are so confusing to me and I have no idea what the stuff listed really is beside the obvious water, alcohol etc.  But thanks to a chemist and research I was able to find out exactly whats in one of our favorite gels.

According to natural beauty vlogger, AlopeciaFreeWithJass, Eco Styler Gel contained an agent that is known to cause cancer.  In a YouTube video she breaks down the ingredients in the popular gel and came across one troubling one, Tetrasodum EDTA.  After reading this I immediately went to my bathroom to see if my jar had Tetrasodum listed.

Eco Styler Olive Oil Gel

Source: Radio One / Urban One

Watch natural beauty vlogger AlopeciaFreeWithJass had to say about Eco Styler Gel

But you can’t take one person’s word as gospel so I sat down with Eco Styler Inc’s chemist to find out exactly what Tetrasodum is and if it is in fact harmful.

As our lab specifies it, “the amount (less than 1%) and type (cosmetic grade) of Tetrasodium we use, which is derived from glycerin and also used in many food items, has shown no adverse affects on humans in tests and studies performed. It is also noted to be NON-carcinogenic.   Further, clinical reports show that it can not be absorbed through the skin.  As our hair gels are only meant for topical use, there is no worry of it being absorbed “

“Similarly, the ingredient TEA is called into question. TEA can indeed contain nitrosamines which are known to be carcinogenic. However,  the cosmetic grade TEA we use has previously been analyzed and there was no detectable nitrosamine across several batches (J Soc Cosmet Chem, pp 237-252, 1980). The word ‘detectable’ is important because the instruments used can find nitrosamines if there is even one nanogram (1 billionth of a gram) present…yes really that little! Therefore if this type of cosmetic grade TEA is used for the gel, it will have no detectable amounts of nitrosamine. “

-Mohan Rao, Head Chemist & Director of R&D at Ecoco, Inc.

The reps at Eco Styler also shared that they have been in business for over 30 years and pride themselves in using “safe and healthy products that deliver results.”  They also stated that their hair gels “are and always have been Paraben Free, Sulfate Free, Cruelty Free, Formaldehyde Free, Vegan, Non-Toxic and Safe for all hair types.”

All Eco Styler products have been researched and FDA approved and they are also approved by the EU’s standards as well.  Click here for more information on their products or ingredients in their products.


*** Disclaimer:  Use of products containing Tetrasodum EDTA are at your own discretion.  Consult a doctor if you are concerned about further use of products with Tetrasodum EDTA. ***


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