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Our thoughts are with the two people who were murdered in cold bold by a white supremacist on Wednesday in a Kroger grocery store in Jeffersontown, Kentucky. The victims, who were Black, are Maurice Stallard, 69, and Vickie Jones, 67. The suspect, 51-year-old Gregory A. Bush, was calmly arrested. Stallard was shot in the store and Jones was shot in the parking lot.

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The shooting was definitely racially motivated, according to an eyewitness. Ed Harrell told The Louisville Courier-Journal while he was waited for his wife in the parking lot he heard gunshots and grabbed his revolver. He saw Bush, who didn’t know at the time was the gunman. He says Bush told him, “Don’t shoot me. I won’t shoot you. Whites don’t shoot whites.” Activist Shaun King reports before he went to Kroger, Bush unsuccessfully tried to enter a Black church.

Bush also has a long criminal record. According to, divorce filings claimed he was fired from UPS in 2001, due to “sexual harassment for pulling down someone’s pants,” but the “union helped get him reinstated,” according to his ex-wife. She also alleged Bush was arrested for selling drugs at UPS. Court records also claimed he called his wife a “n**er b**ch.” They divorced in 2000.

According to the Chicago Tribune, in a 2003 incident, the killer was “charged with menacing for following a 15-year-old into a movie theater bathroom and putting his hands around her waist. Bush told the girl he ‘thought we were family’ and the girl pushed him away, according to the arrest record.”

In 2009, an arrest record claimed Bush threatened his ex-wife (they had divorced in 2000). When deputies tried to arrest him, Bush punched a deputy twice: “He was charged with several counts including assault, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct. Bush also was marked as a ‘suicide risk’ on the arrest sheet, which noted that his ex-wife had a protective order against him.” reports in 2009 Bush allegedly “punched his 78-year-old father, picked up his 74-year-old mother by the neck and unplugged the phone so they couldn’t call police, a report says. Bush’s father suffered a possible broken jaw.” He also shot a cell phone, which his 10-year-old son at the time saw him do.

In that same year, the shooter’s father alleged, according to court records, Bush said, “Tonight might be black death.”

A Jefferson District Court Judge sentenced Bush to Central State Hospital on a mental inquest warrant in 2009 and he was supposed to have his weapons taken away from him. Since 2009, it was against federal law for him to own a gun.

In the about section of his Facebook page, Bush wrote, he has “worked most of my life and battled mental illness throughout my life. My paranoid-schizophrenia finally stopped me from working and now am on mental disability. I’m lucky I made it this far with all the trouble I’ve caused myself when I get off my medicine.”

Bush, 51, was jailed on $5 million bond Thursday on two counts of murder and 10 counts of felony wanton endangerment.

From assaulting children to attacking his parents to punching a deputy, sounds like this killer has been allowed on the streets solely because of his white privilege.


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