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Netflix is about to take over the end of 2018 with a bunch of great movies but today we are talking about the movie you have to see this weekend if you decide to Netflix and chill. Outlaw King is an epic war movie that’s a little Game Of Thrones without all the fantasy and make-believe. This true story picks up after the events highlighted in Braveheart and follows Robert the Bruce, who has just been named the King of Scotland, after breaking a truce with England, the legendary warrior and a small group of men are forced into exile by the English army but he puts together a band of outlaws to help him reclaim the throne.

On this episode of Extra Butter with Xilla Valentine I flew out to Scotland to sit down with Chris Pine who plays Robert the Bruce and Aaron Taylor-Johnson who gives a kick-ass performance as the ferocious James Douglas for an interview that took place at Borthwick Castle. Chris Pine talked about how authentic the movie feels saying, “The unique quality of this film for me, it’s a film on a huge scale like others I’ve done before but with Netflix, we were given an incredible amount of freedom and wherewithal to make to make a film by someones whose vision of that classic Hollywood film is very very different. One of the qualities of David Mckenzie that I most admire is his is his search for authentic moments. Often times it was just four cameras shooting us as we were being and there was no sense of the usual structure of a film set. So you just got more of a sense that you were happening rather than acting and that was very helpful.”

My guy Aaron opened up about how he pulled off such a frightening character in order to make it believable. He told me, “These characters are from 6-700 hundred years ago and you’re looking at historical moments in time, he was a very feared character. The Black Douglas was someone that people would have nightmares about because of the violent brutality he brought upon his enemies, but he was also this romantic figure. When Robert the Bruce passed away he carried his heart towards the holy land in a casket around his neck. So I wanted to have this loveable character also.” Just listening to his explanation sent chills up my spine.

Another thing that might be scary to some is that I got to feed a buzzard that you can see at the start of this episode. Back during the times of this movie, the natives would use large hunting birds to catch meals for their family and you get to see a bit of that in this episode of Extra Butter. I hope you enjoy and be sure to check out Outlaw King streaming on Netflix this weekend November 9th.

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