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Here’s a story that should make you laugh. A woman in Oklahoma City put out a public service announcement after realizing that her dog was playing people to get free McDonald’s food.

Betsy Reyes says her dog, Princess, sneaks out at night and sits outside of a nearby McDonald’s, pretending to be a stray.

Reyes called Princess a “gold digger” because makes people feel bad for her and feed her burgers.

“If you see my dog @ the McDonald’s on shields, quit feeding her fat a** bc she don’t know how to act & be leaving the house all the time to go walking to McDonald’s at night. She’s not even a stray dog. She’s just a gold diggin ass b**ch that be acting like she’s a stray so people will feel bad for her & feed her burgers,” she wrote.

After her post went viral, Reyes backed up her story by catching Princess in the act. She drove to McDonald’s one night and filmed a woman reaching out of her car window to feed Princess.

Then Reyes went through the drive-thru and Princess knew she’d been caught.



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