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Lots of attention has been on the recounts in Florida and Georgia, but we also need to be paying attention to Mississippi as well. Mike Espy and Cindy Hyde-Smith are in a runoff for senate.

Roland Martin talks to Congressman Bennie Thompson and Tristan Wilkerson with Be Woke campaign and both say this runoff is “do or die.”

Smith is the white woman who publicly said she would be front row at a public lynching. Thompson says “that was not a slip of the tongue, that was something she felt very comfortable saying.” She has not apologized and doesn’t seem like she wants to. Because “Mississippi has had more lynching than any other state,” this is extremely dangerous and insulting.

We have to insure that Espy will defeat the “white woman who lost her mind,” Wilkerson says. To do this he and his organization Be Woke Vote, are working to get churches, HBCU students and Greeks to the polls.

The runoff is November 27.


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