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A Black Georgia lawmaker stood his ground over the controversial language he used to condemn a white colleague for saying a racial slur.

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Augusta Commissioner Bill Fennoy said Tuesday that he doesn’t regret using the N-word during a commission meeting the previous week, and the Commission has no plan to censure him, WJBF-TV reported.

This all stems from newly appointed Commissioner John Clarke using the N-word in a 2014 Facebook post. Angered that it was swept under the rug, Fennoy used the word three times while quoting Clarke’s social media post, at a Nov. 6 Commission meeting that was open to the public.

“[I have] nothing to apologize for,” Fennoy said Tuesday when the news outlet asked him if an apology was in order. “Anybody who has knows me for fifty plus years can say they’ve never heard me say that word in referring to somebody.”

Fennoy accused Clarke of lying about someone hacking into his Facebook page and posting the racial slur. The post was about the 2014 police shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, in which a white officer killed the Black teenager.

“Don’t want to be called ni**ers they shouldn’t act like ni**ers,” Fennoy said at the meeting, quoting Clarke’s post.

Clarke claims to not recall writing the post but has taken responsibility for it, adding that it was a dark period in his life.

Commissioners can vote to censure fellow members of the body, which it has done four times, according to WJBF-TV. But that didn’t happen this time.

“I don’t think the censure thing would do anything but stir up more controversy,” incoming Commissioner Brandon Garrett said.


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