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Just when it feels like there is no hope left for humanity stories like these pop up. A Louisiana man who has been sick for seven years will receive the gift of life this holiday season thanks to his neighbor.

Every time they were outside they’d wave and say hello, but Justin James and Nancy Dozier are about to get a whole lot closer.

James, 28, was diagnosed with kidney failure in 2011. Every member of his immediate family was tested but doctors said none of them were a match. He has been on the organ transplant list for seven years and undergoing three and a half hour dialysis treatments three times a week.

Dozier knew James was sick a lot, but didn’t know why until she decided to ask his mother Tysha Martin one day. Martin told Dozier what was going on and that James needed an O positive kidney. Dozier instantly offered to give him one of hers.

“It was like offering him a piece of gum,” Martin said.

The family looked at her offer as just another situation of false hope and empty promises. But, a few weeks later that all changed Martin realized Dozier actually wanted to get tested to see if she was a match.

Dozier was a match and on November 28, she will be giving James one of her kidneys.

For her the decision was a simple one, “I have two and he needs one,” she said. Adding, “he deserves to be here as much as anybody else.”

“I’m going to be a part of her now, she’s forever going to be a part of me,” James says.


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