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Amanda digs into the Royal racist mess in Blackurate news, Vasectomies are booming in post Roe America, Ye Ke is banned from Twitter at the worst time in Twitter’s history, a young man accused of cheating was put out of his house because his name wasn’t on the lease. Plus she has the day’s Big Up, Let Down and Amanda has a word for the day to Step Up Your VOCAB.


(02:36)  Blackurate News: The Royal Family Embroiled In Another Racist Scandal. Prince William’s Godmother Went Karen On A Black Woman Questioning Where She Was From.

(10:45) Blackurate News:  Vasectomies Are Booming In A Post Roe America. Ye Ke (Kanye West) Removed From Twitter For Posting A Swastika While Other White Supremacists Have Had Their Accounts Reinstated Plus Republican Leadership Who Embraced Kanye Have Run Away.

(22:03) Big Up/Let Down  Big Up – Georgia Breaks Records For Condensed Early Voting For Runoff.  Let Down – Cops In Alabama Arrest An 82 Year Old Woman For Not Paying Her Trash Bill.

(34:49) A Young Man Was Put Out Of His House Even Though He Paid The Bills After A Cheating Accusation. Check Out What He Had To Say Live From His Storage Unit.

(43:59)  What Was The Worst Date That You Have Even Been On?   Amanda Seales And Dj Nailz Discuss Their Worst Dates Ever.





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