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Guess who bizack? Mary Poppins is back in Depression-era London to pay a visit to Jane and her brother’s Michael to remind them of the good times of old. In Mary Poppins Returns she attempts to teach Michael’s kids how to never pump fake and how to get past the blitz. The blitz being, an evil banker trying to take the house we all love on 17 Cherry Tree Lane.

The movie starts off on a windy grey day in London, as Mary Poppins comes floating down on an umbrella to pay a visit to the Banks siblings, who don’t have much of a childhood because their father Jake has fallen behind on bills after his wife died. His sister Jane often helps out, but the bulk of the adulting is done by the kids, Anabel and John who spend a lot of time watching their little brother Georgie. When Mary Poppins arrives in London she immediately orders the kids to take a bath, and in an instant, we are whisked to a magical underwater world.

Emily points out that it wasn’t exactly a bath, “She goes in Ocean with the kids, she’s never in the bathtub with them and she’s fully clothed.”

That was a fun way to start off this episode of Extra Butter w/ Xilla Valentine, as the stars of this updated “Mary Poppins” Emily Blunt and Lin Manuel Miranda join us as we take a behind the scenes look into Walt Disney’s Mary Poppins Returns. During my interview, I teach Emily Blunt the meaning of ‘popping’ schooling Emily on what it means when your lip gloss popping, your outfit is popping as well as the difference when someone is popping off at the mouth.

My conversation with Lin Manuel Miranda was hip-hop history and he explains how Dick Van Dyke pretty much invented the triplet flow that’s popular now. I was fascinated, watching this new Mary Poppins movie, especially when Lin’s character Jake burst out in full authentic rap bars. Lin reveals how lucky he was to have that honor, “What was funny was I was like I don’t have to rap in this movie, but director Rob Marshall was like putting you in a movie and not letting you do what you do, is like putting Fred Astaire in a movie and not letting him dance. That was the compliment he paid me.” After giving props to the guys who wrote the song he raps, Lin says, “It was a joy to figure out how to do that.”

Overall Mary Poppins Returns is a very fun film that the kids will enjoy. You’ll definitely feel the nostalgia and find yourself bopping along to the tunes, but just be aware that there will be all new tunes and none of the favorites from the classic but if you watch this episode of Extra Butter you may get a tiny easter egg of what to expect when Mary Poppins Returns hit theaters everywhere on December 19th.

I’m Xilla Valentine and thanks for watching Extra Butter.

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