Tony Rock: ‘I’m Being Petty’ And Not Coming To My Brother’s Defense


Comedian and actor Tony Rock comes from a large family! He has 7 brothers and 2 sisters. Some may think they’re extremely close but he says, “nobody got 9 best friends same with siblings!” There are “2 or 3 you love the rest you’re like where’s my money!”

One of his brothers, Chris Rock, is catching heat because of a a video of him sitting in a room with white men and allowing them to say the N word. And Tony is starting his New Years resolution of embracing his pettiness early.

I’m being petty and not supporting my brother because he never supported me,” he says. He has had his fair share of controversy and Chris “has never stepped up and said I’m going to ride with my brother,” so he’s on his own with this one.

But on a serious note he believes that the N word itself should be destroyed because of its history. But, Black people the idea that “we’re the only ones affected by it so we should keep it,” and not let anyone else use the word. Tony doesn’t think that makes much sense.

Tony is performing this weekend at the Arlington Improv in Dallas!


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