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We pick up tonight’s episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta with Porsha and Kandi’s argument. They’re just not going to get along and that’s that. Kandi attempts to leave, but Tanya asks her to stay. Kandi obliges and both women manage to ignore each other for the sake of peace. Kandi return unfollows Porsha on all social media and they’re both over it dot com.

Dinner continues, and we move on to Eva bringing up NeNe and Tanya’s little tiff. NeNe was annoyed with Tanya for saying that something was low-end fashion that NeNe didn’t consider low-end fashion and said Tanya was pretentious. The item that triggered NeNe were some $100 dollar shades from Swagg Boutique. NeNe owns Swagg Boutique. See where this is going? She probably really felt some type of way about Tanya calling her stuff low end.

Anyway, Tanya apologizes for the offense and we move on. Then we get to the part where Porsha calls Eva out about being shady but forgetting her shady comments. Porsha even provides examples of how Eva has constantly shaded Cynthia. Eva suddenly gets amnesia about all of that, thus proving Porsha’s point. Then she says there’s not a shady bone in her body. As if Eva wasn’t shading the life out of people on America’s Next Top Model years before RHOA even existed.

Anyway, Porsha then says people should own up to their shade and Kandi is just looking at her like:

Because we all know that Kandi feels that Porsha never owns up to her ish…and there’s validity to that given their situation. Anyway, the real reason why we’re at this Tanya/Eva collaboration dinner is so that Eva can apologize for not inviting them to her bachelorette party and tell them she’s taking them to Tokyo as an apology.

In other news, Cynthia finally introduces Kandi, Marlo, and Eva to her new man, Mike Hill. They immediately start grilling him, and we all feel like this is a bit immature, but Mike Hill can get with them. He even tells them, “This is Hill, not Will” (you remember the Willi fiasco), which basically means they got the right one. And you already know this group of women brings it with the questions. They ask everything from what he brings to the table, to what he loves most about Cynthia, to what his go-to sex moves are, to his credit score, and even inquire about the last time he had an STD. He answers everything and they’re impressed. He seems honest, very into Cynthia and not shady at all. So far so good.

Finally, the episode winds down with Porsha getting her moment to chat with Dennis about all that has been going on. Porsha explains to Dennis that he should have never continued having a conversation with Jami’s friend knowing that she was upset about it. Dennis doesn’t feel like he did anything wrong (aka Porsha may have blown things out of proportion) but Porsha says them hormones got her feeling some type of way and she needs him to own up to his ish. Eventually, Dennis seems to get it and he apologizes.

Next week, the Shady Bunch heads East for some drama in Japan.


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