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Happy Death Day 2 U is about a character Tree who has to relive her hell all over again. We sat down with Jessica Rothe and Israel Broussard to discuss the film. A quick review and be careful about spoilers, Tree happens to be in another dimension where her mother is alive. Tree has to face the decision of either staying in this dimension or living in another where her mother is dead. Tree and her boyfriend Carter, and friend Ryan go through a constant spiral of dimensions in order to correct their wrongs. Their friend Ryan wakes up reliving his own day over and over, at first he thinks it’s a dream until Tree hears his story.

Tree tries to help Ryan until his invention SISSY blows up and time hops her into different dimensions herself. Tree commits suicide over and over to help Ryan and his gang remember the right algorithm for SISSY to work again. Happy Death Day 2 U also makes the audience dig deep into their own feelings with life lessons. We follow tree go through a wave of emotions from inner peace, anxiety, sorrow, resentment, and self-acceptance. It was thrilling and comical, the comedic relief was perfectly planned throughout the film.

The anticipation is high as we watch Ryan, Tree and Carter fight the baby killer and solve the algorithm repeatedly. As I watched the movie I found myself asking what things I had to let go of in my own life along with Tree. I had the pleasure of interviewing the cast of happy death day 2 u to ask what life lessons they carry on with them.

Jessica Rothe said “There’s so many, I am close with my parents, especially with my mom, which we were able to use and draw on very heavily for the sequel of this film. The biggest life lessoned I learned was you have to show up every day in the world and treat people how you want them to treat you, which I Tree is learning in these movies. It was a good reminder and reset to take into the film. Israel Broussard said, “I try to see the good in people and I wanted that in Carter still, I grew up in a very Christian home, so that was very much instilled do on to others as you want done to you”. Happy Death Day 2U comes out just in time for a date, it will be in theatres on Valentines Day.

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