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We can’t lie, we had a few doubts about the upcoming release of “Aladdin” after we saw the first few teasers. But, now we’re sold after watching the newly released full trailer.

Why? Will Smith.

Like many of you, the first look of Will as “Genie”, left us underwhelmed. He looked a bit odd and we couldn’t help but think of Robin Williams. However, in the full trailer we get a chance to see Will in all his “Will-ness” (Yes, I am making that a thing). In the trailer, Will exudes the things we love about him: goofiness, timing for one-liners and overall charisma. Unlike the animated film, we also learn that Will isn’t going to be blue 100% of the time – and we’re excited about that. “Aladdin” is a classic and we think adding a little bit of originality will help make this film stand alone.

Will you be headed to the theaters on May 24? Watch the full trailer above and let us know in the comments.


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