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The news that an FBI investigation revealed dozens of wealthy white people paid big money to rig admissions procedures for their privileged kids to be accepted into top colleges rocked the entire country. One of the many stunts pulled by the accused, including actresses Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin, was having their kids’ SAT answers changed.

The aspect of the college admissions cheating scandal was quite ironic considering earlier this year a Black high school student was interrogated and shamed for improving her SAT score.

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Let us remind you. Florida teen Kamilah Campbell was told her test scores were invalid after she improved her original score of 900. Campbell, alongside her lawyer, civil rights attorney Benjamin Crump, said she felt she was being accused of cheating by the Educational Testing Service (ETS), which oversees the SAT.

“I did not cheat,” Campbell said defiantly during a press conference in Miami in January. “I studied, and I focused to achieve my dream. I worked so hard and did everything I could do.”

Crump said in a statement, “ETS violated Kamilah’s constitutional right to be considered innocent until proven guilty and denied Kamilah due process.”

“The family is demanding ETS release her test scores within the next two weeks so that colleges and scholarship committees can appropriately evaluate her applications,” the statement continued. “If not, Crump said the family will move forward with exploring every legal remedy available to give Kamilah the justice she deserves, including but not limited to pursuing litigation on the basis of a violation of her civil rights.”

Campbell said an ETS employee told her that she scored 1230 on her second SAT testing, an improvement of better than 300 points. She got a tutor, “took online classes and she got a copy of a The Princeton Review prep book,” according to a CNN report.

While neither Campbell nor Crump made any reference to race, it was impossible to ignore her being a Black woman, especially now with the current college admissions scandal.

There is a long-lingering SAT achievement gap between Blacks and other races.

“These gaps have a significant impact on life chances, and therefore on the transmission of inequality across generations,” according to research conducted by the Brookings Institution, a nonprofit public policy organization. Campbell was forced to retake the test and, of course, the College Board in Florida will not release her test scores.

It is despicable that rich white people would use their privilege because they didn’t want their kids to work too hard. Then again, that has always been the American way.


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